Forex arbitrage strategy that works

Forex arbitrage techniques and strategy's are simple and made easy to guarantee profits with some type of vortex funnel arrayal and usually work well but this Forex technique always wins as a vortex that is unable to lose and only funnel in profits.

this technique is as simple as ever and doesn't require any software or bot but can be paired with one to funnel in guaranteed profits.


the techniques to Forex arbitrage is simple

1. chose a currency pair

2. buy both sides of that pair as method to come every time the same currency of each side of the pair chosen to another currency + as axis

4.chose the axis pair with a new currency +
5. choose the bonus rival #4 of the axis currency with one of your currency from your first pair

all  sides of buying both sides are filtered in other pairs + every time
so that all reaming balance forces profit beyond 0 loss + so that the remaining balance is mandatory + bonus

to balance these currencies we bought both sides of step 1 were aiming to sell the winning and filter the losing to a + every time through the system

the integer axis balances the losing currency of either side to a + in step 3

then integer axis must be balanced to a bonus integer in step #4 to a + on either winning side

the bonus integer must be balanced to a currency from step one
so that its a + either way to the beginning or the end of are balancing as a bonus piece

we balanced all currencies pairs to a win whether losing or winning every time buy balancing them to a + from our original balance 0 so that the remaining of both sides is harvested for profit

this process can be eventually be fixed in a cycle by balancing just one of the currencies from the 1st pair to a completely different currency to win a + on either side aftter our first balance of 0 loss from both sides in step 1 to a + mandatory after filtering this balance to profit...
its easy to explain or cook this method of a way to print money

why trade with forex robot?

The reason forex robots were first created was to exploit and hack the Forex system; kind of like a money laundering system or money creation or money printing formula guaranteed to hack and exploit currencies with an exploit so tuned it would guarantee a money printing machine from Forex currency fluctuations like your own legal money printing bank that was designed for you unable to lose... The forex game went from a game of investment to risk; to a game of some high end programming and hacks and exploits that would be no risks and a guaranteed increase in profit margin. The first ideal type of forex robot would not sell anything unless it was profit.... then it would sell automatically only if profit was gained by whatever amount u set it to. Now forex robots are more sophisticated to implement a forex trading strategy or arbitrage forex trading system into an Forex robot. If the programmer does know the Forex system and hacks it right it is possible to have a Forex robot that is guaranteed no losses and thats guaranteed only increase each day.. The reason why i like to trade with Forex robots is because i can have a separate Forex account for my robot and treat it like a legal counterfeit money printing operation divided from my manual Forex trading campaign. Also another reason to trade with a forex robot would be to semi automate your forex trading techniques into guaranteed wins based on forex robot parameter settings. I was hoping to one day create my own exploit or hack in the forex system to glitch the forex system with a forex robot to money launderer automatically like a counterfeiting operation.

bullish and bearish trading profit points of forex traders targets

a bullish market is when u buy a stock or currency and expect it to go up in value. So that the trader may sell when it goes up in value to make a profit on the stock or currency

a bearish market is when u expect a stock or currency to go down.. so that decline in value of a stock or currency somehow increased the value of another relative stock or currency for profit

how forex robot works

The goal of a real forex robot programmer is to hack or exploit the Forex system statistically in a technical manner to syphon profits from the most liquid and profitable market in the world (Forex)

some Forex robots work differently than others; but the main Forex robots are semi automated based on settings or parameters. stop loss is a the most famous feature of a Forex robot to where the Forex robot wont sell unless its a profit to typically never lose with a Forex robot, however who wants a long wait for the profit to return after money is sitting there waiting to sell,, so now they sell forex robots with the future of manual for buying currencies and automatically for selling currencies with options and parameters to fuze the Forex robot with the Forex trading strategy. Howver its fun to just throw no more than $500 in automatic software and come back months later to see the devastation of a forex robot... u cant lose with them unless u withdraw less than u deposited,,, so for losses just set no loss setting to where it cant sell for a loss and sells automatically for profit. never forget that most are not fully automated and if they are be sure that no loss setting is there and that a forex strategy is fuzed with the forex robot.

definition of a managed forex account aka forex managed account

A managed forex account is a forex account that operates under a expert admin master forex trader account to where all buy and sell trades of the admin master account automatically control the forex managed accounts on mass scale forcing trades based on the master traders admin account trades: whom happens to be an expert trader most likely for the gain of investors whom happen to have forex managed accounts. Also the master admin forex account gives all forex managed accounts full account rights ownership of withdraws and deposits from the aftermath of return on investments gained from the forex admin master accounts trades entered automatically into the forex managed accounts on mass scale.

if u decide to have a forex managed account u can always open up another forex account 2. So maybe invest $500 in a fore managed account and return to see the profit gain if possible. just as a fun side project from the old school manual trading making forex trading fun

about forex (why to trade forex / fx)

FOREX a.k.a Foreign exchange is the processes of trading foreign currencies online for profit based on currency value fluctuations relative to one another in currency pairs. Commonly bankers, banks, rich people, and big companies use Forex to make money with the currencies they have in store. You hear of banks or govt agencies printing paper money; but Forex is almost like the same thing by leveraging currency fluctuations relative to another;; this means u could legally print your own money electronically by manipulating or leveraging the Forex system to bank. Forex is a legal way to to print your own money because 4-7 trillion dollars in plus signs is liquid in the Forex market leaving room for leveraging  or manipulation this liquid market into money like your own money printing bank.
with a liquid market of $5.3 trillion dollars.... giving Forex the #1 profitable market in money making; I would recommend Forex for anyone with a startup of $100 to then use the profits to grow money exponentially. forex grows in profit per year and expert traders are finding more ways to exploit the forex market for profits.

another reason forex is favored is its the most liquid market in the world with a daily turnover of 4trillion dollars. Leaving this forex liquid market into a waterfall of profits if leveraged or manipulated correctly into your own money printing machine.

Forex trading strategies revealed that work for beginners

above is a forex chart,,, Now forex charts are a way to display and analyses data between 2 currencies and their fluctuations in value when trading.... We can easily see the past on the chart... when looking for a Forex trading strategy u never wanna lose

So the first Forex trading strategy involves buying both currencies on the chart equal to each other at the same time,,, Then to have a forex robot never sell until u win,,, then just sell the winning currency side and keep the rest and hold until a win to come next based on your analysis... the losing side is bound to  change in value and increase... this process breaks and divides ur trading strategy here... ur aiming to win both sides divided from when u bought and its too easy if ur patient.

Next is the divergence trading strategy based on the chart,,, to buy in a gull ow slope in currencies value and sell as it goes upward. Or to buy one currency that's up and sell when its up even more than before,, this summarizes the game in 2 different Forex trading techniques.

Preferably to buy currencies when there weak and optimize profits when there up in value is my game in the gull ow,, sometimes its profitable to optimize ur currency selling options with one currency relative to one another in more than just a two pair system.. However we will be updating this page on a technical analysis game never seen before like bitcoin almost like a fx xoin guranteed winning research project in currencies,, hope to see u back soon

Forex indicators and forex technical analysis

Forex indicators predict future values of currencies based on technical analysis and statistical data s of currencies. Forex indicators are a fancy piece of technical analysis you can see visibly on the chart... Based on past currency statistics Forex indicators try to predict the future based on past currency statistics on Forex technical analysis. However forex technical analysis without forex indicators usually wins out. Theres no telling what the future holds unless you have a good forex indicator software and technical analysis chart. Ive traded with forex signals and indicators but id prefer to just do forex technical analysis on charts like above so that I know that im working better as a trader using common sense of currency values of what the future  holds(trends).

what is forex signals and how to get them?

A forex signal is simply a buy or sell suggestion on a currency pair usually at a certain currency price and time. Forex Signals are typically obtained by a subscription service news real that recommends buy and sell suggestions on Forex currencies based on human analyst. Typically a Forex signal will indicate at what price to buy or sell a currency and at what time to buy or sell a currency.  Sometimes forex signals are given by automated Forex software but most of the time are based on human analyst recommendations and suggestions.
I found a free forex software signal provider.. :

what is forex scalping?

Forex scalping is a Forex trading technique that involves short term fast paced trading. there is long term trading and short term trading.. Forex scalping falls in thee short term trading category. Furthermore forex scalping is also  based on gaining profit by Forex currency value fluctuations that happen quickly in the short term. Forex scalping is like sweeping a rake across currency fluctuations to rake in profits. There are automated Forex software's that cheat Forex scalping likened unto cant sell no loss forex robots unless u make profit.

Best Forex Robot Trading Software

The Best Forex Robot Trading Software for making money has got the be the forex robot from:    The reasons this is one of the best Forex trading software is because it has parameters and works well with manual trading. The trading strategy is simple with it. When I use it I buy currencies manually when there at lowest peak in value. Then I set the parameters on the Forex robot to sell only for profit automatically. It will never sell for a loss automatically which is my favorite parameter..The second parameter is to automatically sell for profit and it just does that. There is not better Forex system software you can asks for. Not to mention it runs 24/7 on the broker account. check it out:
Also  to mention the forex robot system lets you buy the trades u want .. it wont buy them for you.. after you buy them u set the parameters of how much money you want to make on the trade and the secondd parameter of not to sell it for profit loss and it sells automatically for you.. usually works with a metatrader 4 account broker trading system platform.. best luck trading

heres a video of how to use a forex robot,,, and how people made money using forex tools and arbitrage systems.  forex robot video

The best Forex trading strategies for beginners| forex day trading strategies that work

The best forex trading strategy is usually the easiest one for beginners. Looking at the chart above is a candle pattern chart for currency trading and is highly preferred chart for trading. You will see downtrends and uptrend. The goal is to do the complete opposite of what losers in the market do. One thing I noticed is that the chart is categorized into two trading methods,, long term and short term. you can make money with both long term and short term. However when I see a currency on the chart the lowest value in a burrow down there buy when the currency is the lowest in value at the red burrow. If the currency goes up just a little bit u have made alot of money already. Logically when the currency is lowest in value u can make the most money when it goes up. So buy when the currency is lowest in value at a red burrow and then set to trade when it goes up in value. A stupid trader sells when currency goes down. never sell for a loss and hold the money as long as you can for profit. A smart trader buys when a currency is at its weakest value of lows then waits and holds the money for a sell to profit. Lesson learned is that if you wait long enough you ll never have to sell for a loss ever again

what is the Forex trading

Forex Trading A.K.A foreign currency trading is currency trading like the stock market. For example as worldwide currencies go up and down in value they can be traded to make profit. Typically the currencies are traded in pairs toward each other like gbp to usd. I bught gbp when gbp was very low in value and then i sold the gbp's when they went up in value and made alot of us dollars doing so. This was one of my first trades. Preferably you can get started in the currency trading game right away when you have a broker. A broker is an online account that lets you trade currencies in the Forex market 24/7. Most brokers let u have a demo account to practice trading. My favorite way to trade is using charts.

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